Is there an iPhone app to save locations and then search to see what separate location is closest to them?

I work at a bank and we have many branch locations. Clients call sometimes and ask how to get to the nearest bank from where they are. Is there an iPhone App that’s able to store saved locations and then allow me to search an address to see which bank is closest to the client?
A free app is preferred, but a cheap app is fine too. Thanks so much!

I dnt think u need an additional app, U can use the original map that comes with the phone ??? drop pin (go to ur desired location, in this case the banks around u, and hold down in the destination for a few seconds… U should see a purple in on that location) on all the bank locations around u and when clients ask u can tell which one is closest by telling the distance from ur location to the destination.

Good luck iphone app

is it possible to make an android app that makes a missed call ?

i want to know if it is possible to make an Android App that can make a missed call on another phone for a particular duration ?
i mean- it should make the receiver’s ringtone ring for a particular duration of time.
and the programmer wil specify the time duration.

to be more specific, i want to make an android app that makes a missed call on my frend’s phone for say 3seconds. i want her ringtone to ring for 3 seconds only.
is it possible?

Yes you can make a call but remember there is no way to make sure it will be miss call.
You have one option cancel call in a defined time interval after phone state changed to offhook but this method don’t guarantee that your phone is connected. Because connecting a call takes time which depends on the network.

Mahjong 2 Classroom — Magma Mobile Game –

mobile game Download Mahjong 2 Classroom Game on Google Play :

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Whether you play Mahjong everyday or want to learn how to master this game, Mahjong 2 Classroom was made for you!

Based on an old Chinese solitaire game, Mahjong is a free solitaire matching game which uses a set of Mahjong tiles. The goal of this pyramid game is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board, exposing the tiles under them for play. You will be challenged to eliminate all pieces from the board.

In this brand new 3D version, we bring you stunning HD graphics. Experts will have the opportunity to play with the classic Mahjong tiles. Beginners will be introduced to the game through simpler and very colorful tiles based on all the classics from Magma Mobile.

For those of you who like brain and puzzle game, chess, checkers or backgammons, you will for sure envoy this Premium Mahjong !

Duration : 0:1:21

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Viper4Android App for Rooted Android! [Best Audio App]

android app Here’s a quick overview and installation guide of Viper4Android App for rooted Android smartphones and tablets. This is without a doubt “the best audio app” for Android devices, you can install it if you have a rooted Android device and best of all, it’s free.

Links and See full step-by-step tutorial with detailed photos for installation of Viper4Audio app here:

Music Credits:
Standing Here from YouTube Audio Library.

Duration : 0:8:57

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How to really delete emails from Yahoo mail android app?

I have a Sony Experia ZL with the Yahoo mail android app.
When I delete email in the android app it doesn’t really delete the email in my Yahoo inbox.
The deleted or moved email will pop back into my Yahoo inbox on the app like a day later.
If I delete an email right now on the mail app and then logged into my Yahoo mail in my computer, the deleted email is still in my inbox.
I’ve sent several emails to Yahoo help but they never respond.
Thanks for any help I get here.


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble using your Yahoo Mail account on your mobile device. Try the steps in the Yahoo Help article below:

"Troubleshooting Android Apps"


Can you play Windows mobile games on a Windows 8 laptop?

I was at the AT&T store to buy my phone, and I saw the Windows 8 convertibles, and they had the Mobile Games. Can you please tell me if a laptop has capabilities to play ges through Xbox Live. Thanks!

You don’t actually play the same version of the game on the computer as you do the mobile device, as far as I know. You play the same game, but it is developed instead for the computer. I do not know if this means you need to buy both versions, however.
As I said, I may be wrong, but they are two completely different platforms.

Where can I find cell phone accessories, for any kind of mobile phone in huge number?

I just open a cell phone acessories store, and need more supply of acessories in a reasonable price and quick delivery method. Can anyone help?

You can find the cell phone accessories from e-commerce websites. enjoy! mobile commerce

How can I create an iphone app on a windows computer?

I really want to create an iPhone App, but I can not seem to find a free way to create it on windows. I heard that you needed a mac to get the proper software for ios application development. But I was just wondering if there was a free way to do it on Windows? I just want to be able to create the app and test it out on my Iphone. If it’s good I’m willing to spend some money to get it into the app store. Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

Unfortunately you can’t bypass Xcode on Mac machine. Even if you somehow use Xcode to create an app (highly impossible), you still can’t upload your app to iTunes store without Mac machine.

Let me know if you need any further help regarding this

In mean time, take a look at the number of app we have created for iOS and Android: